Trampoline sessions are held at Penistone Grammar School at various times during the week.  We deliver sessions for children and we also deliver fitness trampoline sessions for adults.  Please phone 07834179636 for more details.  Scroll down the page for safety rules and benefits.


Trampoline Safety Rules

always inform your coach before the lesson of any injuries or medical conditions

always wear suitable sports clothing with non slip socks or trampoline shoes

keep long hair tied, remove all jewellery, watches and objects from your pockets

keep food and drinks away from trampoline area and no chewing gum

use the trampoline only in the presence of a trained coach/teacher

never use the equipment unless adequate spotters are available and pay attention

do not step onto the trampoline whilst someone else is bouncing

do not go underneath the trampoline

do not attempt new skills without proper supervision and tuition


Health Benefits of Trampolining

balance – trying to bounce in one place means you have to develop a keen sense of balance and awareness

coordination – the need to coordinate arms and legs necessary to form different shapes and twists

cardiovascular fitness – bouncing on the trampoline increases pulse rate and strengthens muscle groups essential for healthy cardiovascular system

bone density – bouncing repeatedly puts bones under small amounts of stress sufficient to help them build themselves up to cope therefore helps reduce risk of fractures and osteoporosis

improved lymphatic circulation – physical activity and gravity effects (weightlessness while bouncing) actually helps the body detox

low impact – although bouncing is an impact sport the period of acceleration and deceleration is much longer than with activities such as jogging where the surface has no give at all


Pelvic Floor Exercises – you can do these while waiting for trampoline time!

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