Progressive Soccer Skills structures a learning environment that nurtures creativity and flair, within our session we allow children maximum time with a ball at their feet, this makes our players comfortable and confident. Within our sessions we look at:-

Ground Moves
Ball Juggling
1 v 1, 2v1, 2v2 Gameplay

Within our sessions we have begun playing ‘Panna’, this game involves kicking the ball through an opponent’s leg (also known as a nutmeg), Panna derives from Dutch Street soccer and is fast and exciting, the game is all about skill and technique in a 1v1, 2v1 or 2v2 situation. Panna games in our session’s helps players reactions, skills, technique and creativity as well as the competitive edge of beating your opponent. Within Panna and our small sided games (1v1, 2v2) we award points for skillful play rather than scoring goals, as the skills development of players is our aim.

Within our session we have a judgement free environment where mistakes are encouraged, this allows children to try new skills and ideas of their own, coaches can learn as much from their players as the players can learn from the coach. Rather than telling our players what to do, we question them: ‘Can you show me a skill? How can you beat the defender? What was good about that skill?’ This allows a positive environment where players can praise and encourage one another and think about how they can improve themselves.

We take players off all ability from children wanting to learn skills for fun to Academy players, and sessions are designed so that all players are involved and are challenged in what they are doing. Within our members currently we have players who train with Barnsley, Sheffield Wednesday, Huddersfield, Manchester City.

Progressive Soccer Skills aims to create players that have a high technical ability, players that are creative, flair players that are comfortable with a ball in any situation, most importantly we aim to have players who look forward to, and enjoy their session playing (and learning) with a smile on their face!!

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