Mini Olympians – multi-skills programme


Welcome to our Multi-Skills Programme. More and more children from walking to 4 years are enjoying the skills they are now gaining through our sessions.

In a multi-skills session the equipment we use is mini hurdles, mini balls, bean bags, hoops, tunnel, skittles, stepping blocks, parachute and more.

As we know a significant amount of research has been undertaken into the importance of establishing health and fitness principles in the early years. From 0-7 yrs, children are in their ACTIVE START PHASE, boys and girls need to be engaged in daily active play. Through play and movement, they develop the fundamental movement skills (agility, balance, co-ordination, speed, travelling, jumping, sending, receiving, striking) that will provide the foundation for learning a range of sporting skills for sports such as tennis, football, running, athletics, jumping, throwing, cricket, taekwondo, gymnastics, and many more.

Children who develop sound fundamental movement skills are more likely to develop the confidence and self-esteem they need to take part in physical activity and sport. These children are also more likely to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, thereby improving health and reducing the risk of obesity.

All equipment and activities are age appropriate and are guaranteed to keep children involved and active throughout the entire session regardless of skill level. Reward stickers and certificates are used regularly to encourage and reward participation and achievements.

Sessions we offer are:

MULTI-SKILLS from walking to 4 years. FULL parental participation, as we believe this is the perfect opportunity to take part in physical activity with your child and you are able to give your child the support they may require both physically and emotionally.

ATHLETIC SKILLS from 5yrs+. NON parental participation.

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For football specific sessions and parties please view our progressive soccer skills page