Mighty Olympians – Athletic Programme

Welcome to our Athletic Multi-Skills Development in Sport Programme for 5 to 16 year olds. More and more children are enjoying the skills they are now gaining through our Athletic based sessions.

All our programmes follow the LTAD plan, Long Term Athletic Development Plan.  This is a 7 stage training programme guiding an individuals experience in sport & physical activity from infancy through all phases and to adulthood.

Between the ages of birth to 7yrs children are in their ‘active development phase’ and children 8 years and 12 years this is the ‘Learning to Train’ phase of a child’s development.  They start converting Fundamental Movement Skills (our mini Olympian programme) to Fundamental Sporting Skills.  This is a golden age of learning for specific sporting skills.

Between the ages of 12 years and 16 years, young athletes are now ready to build aerobic base and consolidate sport-specific skills.  Training hours are increased to develop long term potential.

Children who develop sound fundamental skills are more likely to develop the confidence and self-esteem they need to take part in physical activity and sport. These children are also more likely to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, thereby improving health and reducing the risk of obesity.

SESSIONS PENISTONE GRAMMAR SCHOOL Tuesdays 4pm and Saturdays 10am.  Please phone 07834179636 to make a booking and to check which area the sessions are being delivered.

07834179636 or apollo@miniolympians.co.uk