Birthday Parties


All our parties are inclusive to all ages, ability, and interests.

Mini Olympian Party – from 3rd birthday to 8th birthday inclusive.  All games and activities are age appropriate.  Lots of varied equipment appropriate to game and activity. If you have children older than 8 years coming to the party, that is fine, they can and probably will join in and enjoy still.

Progressive Soccer Skills Party – from 5th birthday party and upwards. All games are age appropriate.  The equipment used is balls and cones and normally the parachute to finish off (depending on age group, though all ages love it!).  This party is suitable for boys and girls, and also suitable for those interested in football or not.  It is a very inclusive football type party.  If you have children under 5 years coming to the party, that is fine, though an adult will have to take full responsibility for them, unless it is a 5th birthday party and they have school friends coming who are perhaps 4 years still, this is ok.

Trampoling Party – from 3rd birthday

For details on the different packages we have, please call 07834179636

Our prices vary according to what equipment you would like us to bring. We have our basic core equipment, that the coaches will always bring and use, we have extras such as bouncy castle and inflatable football pitch surround.

We can use Penistone Grammar Schools sports hall as a venue, however you if you have another venue that you want to use that’s fine.

We can also provide party lunch boxes.